What are Agency and Non-Agency Repairs in Car Insurance

Type of car repair is decided by the insurance company from whom the policyholder insured their car insurance. It is mandatory for a policyholder to check his/her car insurance – Type of repairs (Agency/Non-Agency) offered. In general,Guest Posting most insurance companies will not offer agency repairs if the car is 3 years old.

Lot of us see car insurance as a mandatory Dubai visit visa travel agency or a formality process during the car registration. Until there is an accident / unexpected event occurred to the car, insurance becomes more significant to the car owners. Choice of Assurance Company and Coverage Policy is thoroughly checked for claims and repairs.

Researching your car protection and finding the best quote will save lots of money and time. To simplify this process Oasis insurance brokers introduced online digital platform InsureAtOasis.com. The online portal offers car owners to compare detailed quotes and purchase the best cover policy online from top protection companies.

In dealership repair, you can take your vehicle to the Manufacturer’s / Dealer’s authorized workshop to fix any damage due to an accident. Manufacturer’s repairs are comparatively costlier but they guarantee the use of high quality and genuine spare parts by qualified technicians. All reputed Insurers / Insurance Brokers offer Organization Repairs on your brand new car and if your car is claims free for more than 3 years or if the vehicle is still under warranty period. Depending on the Insurance company assistance repair is offered as an option if your car is less than anywhere from one year old to five years old.

Several factors you should consider when it comes to Organization Repairs –Estimated depreciation and future value of the vehicle, Vehicle history which includes Mileage, Repairs and Service History and finally car insurance company Terms and Conditions

Non-dealership Restoration is a service offered by a garage that is approved by your insurer to repair any damage to your car. Usually people hesitate about non-agency repair clause. But non-agency repair is reliable and often less costly than agency repairs. The repairs are carried out by workshops approved and pre-tested by the insurance company. Another advantage is that Non-Agency Repairs are quicker compare to Agency Repair or car dealership workshop. However, if you prefer to get your car fixed at the authorized dealership even if your policy has a Non-Agency clause, you can do so by repaying the difference in the cost of repairs subject to approval by the Insurance Company.